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After being on the highway in OD for 7-15mins almost always shifts hard from that point on, after it starts shift Hard 1-2 Shift, everything else fine I have a 93 GMC C3500 with an automatic 4L80E. 5L quantity. Both 2WD. 7, Trans shifts hard from 1st to 2nd and sometimes shifts hard going into drive. Transmission shift Firmness HP Tuners. 1 kg (209. Russ Kemp Ive had it in about a week now, Ive put about 50 miles on it, but im afraid to drive it at this point because of the 1-2 shift. The 4L80e has a much more consistent feel to the 1-2 shift than the 4L60e. Page 1 INDEX 4L80E 2nd Printing Before & After Service Complaints I (Dale Follett) was tired of having my LS engine/4L80e transmission wired up for full manual valve body and wanted it to shift itself automatically like a factory unit. New set of both shift solenoids for GM 4l80e automatic transmissions, shift A and shift B (1-2, 2-3). But it actually does stay in overdrive like it should, once it goes there. 1993 4l60e - Shifts hard on the 1-2 shift, works fine otherwise. It is only applicable to Jake’s Performance builds and customers. Many parts interchange between the 400 turbo and 4L80E. 85 $0. - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic 4L80E Hard Shifting Jan 25 2012, 5:52am Hi, I have a 1992 silverado with a 4L80E trans. The guy at Orange County transmissions said the exact same thing. You will hear and feel the difference when you try to shift. IF it is a 3/4 ton truck then a Û¢ 4L80E Power Tow Shift Correction Kit. The Cool thing about the 4L60E and 4L80E electronic transmissions is that the shift solenoids are not pulse width modulated. PATC is on the cutting edge of performance rear wheel drive American transmission development. 7 kg (228. Shift Solenoid B is also known as 2-3 Shift Often only one of these fails at a time , but in the past it has been common to replace one of them , and then a short time later the other goes bad. Don't put in a shift kit, the Sonnax kit comes with instructions to "firm up" the shifts by boring a certain hole. Rufus General Motors (GM GMC) 4L80E transmission electrical at competitively low prices. The 1-2 shift is pretty hard The 4L80E is not without problems though, as hard shifts and losing the reverse gear are some of the most common problems reported from this transmission. 1993 C1500 with 5. -ft. 0L, 5. IF the spring is on the outer end as shown, remove the spring. PATC builds GM performance transmissions in many levels. While this procedure was performed on a lathe, a die grinder will work just as well. 48 1st 1. 3. The 4L80E service will be $1250, not including any parts upgrades or shipping. Û¢ 4L80E Power Tow Shift Correction Kit. 4L80E 1991-1994 2WD TRANSMISSION 5. Codes can be cleared by Need a little advice on a 4L80E repair. Well I finally made up my mind and went with the 4l80e. Suburban 1500-2500 1995-2007 V8 6. 85 34310E Gasket, 4L80E Pump cover to case 1 $0. This is important to keep in mind if you are swapping between any of these transmissions. 6 lb) - 6CYA Or you could slap a gear vendors overd drive on the output of the 4l80e and get 8 forward gears but that becomes a pain to shift. GM 4L80E 4 Speed Electrical Kit This auction is for a 1994 to 2003 4L80E Solenoid Kit. Re-install the piston in the bore. Solenoid "B" controls hydraulic pressure to 2-3 shift valve. There are 4 solenoids, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and TCC lockup. The stock tranny has a little lag time shifting, but that is to keep it from clunking. 1st gear is solenoid "A" on, 2nd is both off, 3rd is "B" on, and OD is both on. Now, on a 45F degree day, I'm getting a hard 1-2 shift no matter how hard or lightly I'm into the accelerator pedal. For all of your Automatic Transmission Part needs. The 1-2 Shift Solenoid (SS) valve controls the fluid flow acting on the 1-2 and 3-4 shift valves. at which time it shifted normally from 1 - 4 (OD). This set contains the two 4L80E transmission shift solenoids found in the valve body. Core must NOT have any hard part, or case damage Find TransGo Performance Shift Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! TransGo's Performance shift kits give you the hard-launching, tire-blazing shifts you want, after just a few hours' wor The only decent shift kit worth putting in is the transgo hd reprogramming kit. This is a discussion on Transmission shift Firmness HP Tuners within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Alright guys iv been messing with HP Tuners trying to make my Transmission shift softer under normal driving but no I've changed transmission fluid which also helped a bit for about 2 months, then back to the hard shifting. New Electrical Parts, Hard Parts and Valve Body Kits; Off Shore for Bushings, Filters, Metal Clad Seals and Sealing Rings Spring Kit, 4L80E 1-2 and 2-3 Shift The Novak Guide to the GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission Introduction. laxman21, if I understand correctly, (the '99 Blazer LT w/ 4L60E transmission), no 1st or Overdrive; 2nd, 3rd, and Reverse are fine. I towed a 4000lbs boat 2000km (yes 2000) and never had a hard shift. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Clearing the code PO894 makes it shift normally, but in a couple of miles of stop-n-go driving it starts again with the firm shifting. The 4L80-E uses 2 shift solenoids, initially called Shift Solenoid A & Shift Solenoid B, later changed to comply with OBD II (On Board Diagnostics revision 2) regulations to 1-2 Shift Solenoid & 2-3 Shift solenoid. 2 lb) - 6CZA 103. in particular, i would like to go with headers instead of long branch manifolds Yes, the 91+ 454SS trucks were a 1/2 ton truck and did have a 4L80E in them, but they weren't exactly a normal 1/2 ton truck. own but when the gear selector is placed in 1, 2, or 3 it will shift and hold there at any rpm. autos. All you have to do is ground the proper solenoid(s) in the right order and you have a full manual box. 1. I did a segment swap from another OS. For about a year the trans will shift out of overdrive randomly while driving. I put in a rebuilt trans at 233k purchased from the dealer. This could easily be done by swapping around the entire engine computer and harness back to a factory style PCM, BUT my car is wired up with MegaSquirt 2 and I like its features. If it detects a problem with the input shaft sensor, vehicle speed sensor, output shaft sensor, or one of the many shift solenoids it’s immediately going to bounce right back into limp mode. For an example, on the first gear, the 4L60e have the gear ratio of 3. If you need a stronger unit then you may need our stage 2. When this happens, 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd shifts hard. The 2-4 wouldn't wear out in 80k miles. light duty trucks for 1991. Happend to drews truck with the tranny swap. What would you do to improve our website? We're always looking for ways to improve JEGS. 4L80E Specifications. It is recommended that you replace both of these solenoids at the same time as they tend to go bad together. The problem is that most guys drill the 1-2 feed hole too big. The 4L80E was used in many of the HD 3/4 Ton and 1 Ton trucks, vans and SUV's and were available in 2WD and 4x4 version. Truck info: 2000 Sierra 2500 4X4 4l80E and 4. It had this hard shift problem and a no OD problem when I bought it, but it also had 5 years of documentation for all maintenance and repairs so I figured it couldn't be too serious. 4L80E Raybestos Red Stage-1 Clutch Module #RCPS-31 1991-1995. This is a computer controlled transmission first introduced in G. Another big difference between these transmissions that are important to think of if you are going to swap them, is the gear ratios. the trans only has around 35k miles on it but lately it seems like it shifts as though it has a shift kit. Just got my F150 project running last thursday the 8th. ” Because the 4L80E is so versatile, it is suited to a wide variety of demanding applications. Bang 1-2 shift—Rough 2-3 shift. I'm running a '93 4L80e with an Optishift controller. Shift problems with 4l80E. Buy 4L80E 1-2 A Shift Solenoid and 2-3 B Shift Solenoid Set 1991 and up GM: Kick-Down Solenoids - Amazon. in the meantime, i'm sourcing some other parts. If one or more solenoids are bad, you may lose the use of one or more gears, and may even be stuck in one particular gear or unable to shift into any gear at all. Our transmission controllers are compact, packed with features, and have a built-in display for tuning as well as user-friendly software for more in-depth tuning. the car is at the tranny shop getting it installed. Fits 4L80E, 4L85E, 91-09 This kit stops direct clutch burnup with Dual feed to the Direct Clutch. Does your truck have a custom engine tune or a Corvette piston in the tranny? and the 4L80E has two speed sensors, an IN and an OUT. 06 first gear which is good for initial take off but … Qs about Transgo 4l80e "stick" shift kit I can answer most of these questions: 1. On most A4 trans, I firm up the 3-4 shift more than the 1-2 & 3-3. 54 $4. In order to make it clear the long-tube headers, Gearstar removed 1 1/2 inches of metal off of the dust cover ear on the transmission case. The original owner replaced the trans at 100k and I took ownership at 190k. You Shift to Drive and then shift up and down with push buttons. gm forum at Car Dealer Forums; I searched for old posts with this code but didnt see alot 4L80E's with this The 4L60E transmission also has a problem with a hard 1-2 shift when hot, and a 1870 code. The 4l80e also needs a seperate computer different than a 4l60e. 4BT with the P7100 pump, intercooler, coupled to a 4L80E. Traded my old m22 and some cash for a TCI street fighter, 2500 stall converter, wiring harness with TCI controller. Input / Turbine Shaft Sealing Ring Kit---Fits All GM 4L80E / 4L85E Transmissions $13. My original OS did not support an 80E. The 4L80E has a max torque rating of 440 lb. Which is suppose to allow me to use my existing tune to control the 4l80e. If there were a bad solenoid I would also have problems in 1st or 3rd gear, but not just OD alone. Some block the 1-2 accumulator. 48:1. Let us know what you think! Please use our Contact Us page for issues that require a more immediate response. The staff has been amazing to work with and takes care of their customers better than any other company I have ever dealt with. Shift Solenoid A is also known as the 1-2 / 3-4 Shift Shift Solenoid B is also known as 2-3 Shift Often only one of these fails at a time , but in the past it has been common A little background: 1982 Chevrolet 1/2 ton shortbed 4x4 that used to have a 6. All shifts are great except the 1-2 shift. Usually if I step on the gas it shifts smoothly, and like you mentioned when towing it shifts beautifully. Once in 2nd there is no slipping and the truck shifts perfectly fine to 3rd and 4th gear. Otherwise the trans works fine and shifts at the right rpm with no slipping, etc. The trans stays this way until I stop, shut off the key for a few seconds and restart it. It only throws the code once you are at cruising speed and everything is locked up. Find TransGo Performance Shift Kits 4L80E-HD2 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! TransGo's Performance shift kits give you the hard-launching, tire-blazing shifts you want, after just a few hours' work with basic hand tools. I talked with Transgo, and if you want to use the TCC, you will need to wire up the TCC solenoid like a 700r4 or 2004r. I did firm at first , bad idea , way to hard , 1-2 chirp every shift , 2-3 with firm felt like someone running into the back of the truck even when the trans was shifting at 90+ mph . 1st colomn is "A", 2nd colomn is "B", 3rd is TCC. Trans has been serviced regularly, fluid is always clean, no burning smell, noises, etc. Steve Cole at The Turbo Shop put one in a ’69 Chevelle and had to pound the tunnel just 1/4-inch at If you're not hard over on having the factory indicator in the dash, you could also rig up a bracket to hold a standard shift cable off the Column bracket. Common 4L80E Problems If you're looking for the best most high performance 4L80E rebuild kit online then you've found it. Drilled the 3/16" hole Step 2. Here is the junkyard 4l80E on the holding fixture ready for surgery. I have the WOT shift parameters set to 1-2 @ 6000, 2-3 @ 6400, and 3-4 @ 6000. This kit includes: 1 - 2 Shift Solenoid 2 - 3 Shift Solenoid EPC Solenoid (1. 70 Installed the full Transgo HD2 per instructions with all shift firmness settings at the maximum settings. not temp related. Is there something else I need to change to get the converter to lock up? Also it seems like it locks up very aggressively. I (Dale Follett) was tired of having my LS engine/4L80e transmission wired up for full manual valve body and wanted it to shift itself automatically like a factory unit. Just started having problems after up to temp during 1-2 4l80e transmission shifting problem, very hard shifting after exteneded periods of driving. 0 you should check the mass air flow sensor, this is how TCM gets information for transmission pressure rise 1998 Chevy Truck Transmission Shifting Hard. 2/4L80 combo. . Shift Correction 4L80E Superior Part # K4L80-E Reference # 34165 Extra information 4L80E Kit (Superior K4L80-E) Shift Correction Package This valve body kit deals with these problems: * Runaway high pressure * Erratic pressure rise * Converter lock-up shudder * Inconsistent shift feel * Shift solenoid filter blow-out * Premature unit failure * Fits 91-10 1. Long drawn out story but the short version is: I swapped my 60E to an 80E. It renews the warranty. I have read what threads I can on this and can't seem to solve the issue. Re: GM 4L80E Transmission Lockout Problem: leroy Black: 2-12-09 : Have 4L80E in 2006 2500 with 57,000mi. While we offer 4L80E transmissions for all popular GM V8 engines, we have also developed a custom bellhousing system for the 4L80E that allow you to install this transmission behind a wide variety of non-GM engines without the necessity for any bulky and poorly fitting adapters. I promise you that the next transmission I have to replace or any other person I hear of needing a transmission I will be heavily promoting Monster Transmission and tell them that I personally use Monster Transmission. 265 75 16 tires about a 31 inch tire Just got the truck about two weeks ago, when first started up from cold as long as i don't get on the gas too much i can go forever without hard shifts as long as i dont stay in OD too long. So it's definitely something you want. That was my original plan, between my headers and pipes I don't have enough room for a linkage style shifter. Accumulators and how to “fix” shifts What do accumulators do? They “cushion” a shift, or soften by slowing down the apply oil (main line pressure) to a clutch pack or a band. Finally we have our stage 3, this is our strongest 4L85E transmission available. 75:1 overdrive ratio. has all four gears but no lockup Has code Po894 slipping components will turn on chek engine light after a while. It will break the tires loose at 10mph and cause people to spill their drinks. New Electrical Parts, Hard Parts and Valve Body Kits; Off Shore for Bushings, Filters, Metal Clad Seals and Sealing Rings Spring Kit, 4L80E 1-2 and 2-3 Shift What would you do to improve our website? We're always looking for ways to improve JEGS. intermittent problems are a pain to diagnose but id still check again for hard codes with a GM TECH 2 before i did anything else. Halfway to destination started shifting hard up and down in all gears. This is to help against having these problems in the future. Bionic 80 Performance 4L80E Transmission This transmission has automatic shifts and a heavy duty / performance lock-up torque converter (#L80-LU). Applications that use this transmission include the 8. include two (2) shift solenoids, one (1) EPC solenoid, one (1) lockup solenoid, one (1) pressure manifold switch I have a 4L80E, hard shift in 1-2, and now it has lost reverse. Each shift event in the 4L80e transmission is a clutch-engagement, rather than a band engagement or combination of the two as in the 4L60e. Here's the weird part. It shifts very hard through all the gears and especially hard on the 1-2 shift. GM Truck / Car / Van / Motorhome4 Wheel Drive 4/5/6-Speed Automatics There are two basic GM 4-Speed automatics: The light duty 700R4/4L60E found mainly in half ton and car applications, and the heavy duty 4L80E in the heavier applications. If firmer shifts are desired, then instead of the 0-20 psi method, go in 0-10 psi increments until the desired firmness is reached. Holds BIG Horsepower and prevents broken case and drum due to excessive pressure. I have found that if I shut it down and restart it works fine. We are confident the SK® relief valve intersecting the boost system will prevent the problem. It has a built PTC trans with a triple disc conv. The 4L80E is a manual transmission that has a maximum engine input torque of 440 lb-ft and is capable of providing an output torque of up to 885 lb-ft. Fifty years ago, the TH350 and the TH400 transmissions were a new You should have four four gears until the transmission senses that the issue has returned. GM 4L80E technical information The 4L80E transmission is a four speed automatic with torque converter clutch. for your Transmission to be a 4L80E. You can also find other images like wiring diagram, parts diagram, replacement parts, electrical diagram, repair manuals, engine diagram, engine scheme, wiring harness My new to me 2004 2500hd 6. You can save your trans. ez-tcu with 4l80e issues Any way to adjust for a softer shift? Im sure that the firmness and aggressiveness are all the way down. 5L Diesel 4 Spd RWD 4X4. 32 74311 O-Ring, 700 / 4L60E / 4L80E, Pump 1 $0. Starting with one of the strongest transmissions on the planet we add a Transgo stage two shift kit, Red Eagle clutches, RedEagle PowerPacks for the forward, intermediate and direct clutches, Kolene The 4L80e’s first and second gear ratios are much closer, which yields a much more pleasing 1-2 shift. Better band, bigger servo, increased pressure all contribute to the harsh 1-2. I had it apart 30 k ago, it had the same 1-2 hard shift, and stuck some check balls in the vave body plate, and blew some through the plate, and had a cracked ( band apply ) upon installing a shift kit all pressures were left to stock. My Z71 has a 4L60E with a shift kit, 2100 convertor, Corvette servo, etc etcand with a strong crate 350, and the same tires as this 3500it hits 2nd much more softly, I nfact it is just as I would expect, the more pedal I give it, the firmer it gets. 4L80E Performance Specs. 48 second, 1. Next pull out the valve shown below. 7 kg (213. Pump wear & low or no cooler flow. 00 Select options “2 Torque Converters 25% Off Each”. For a firmer 1-2 shift, install a small spring on the inside of this valve. want hard shifts nor Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA) of 2015 and finally got around to installing it together with my 4L80E transmission in my car. 4L80E Transmission parts 4L80E transmission kits 4L80E transmission filters 4L80E transmission bands 4L80E transmission sprags 4L80E transmission thrust washers 4L80E transmission bushings 4L80E transmission gaskets 4L80E transmission tools 4L80E transmission fluid additives, 4L80E transmission solenoids, 4L80E transmission Torrington bearings 4L80E transmission seals 4L80E transmission valve US Shift Electronic Transmission Control Systems let you take charge of your 6R80, 4R70W, E4OD, 4R100, 4L60E, or 4L80E transmission and unlock its true potential. Re: How hard to change out torque converter 4L80E-1 ton Chevy Truck C3500 Now knowing if your 1 ton truck is four wheel drive or not, there could be some cross members and/or transfer case to remove just to get to the transmission to remove it. 2 diesel. This gear spread is actually great for racing and the higher first gear doesn't hit the tires as hard. Now when at light to mid throttle, the shifting between all the gears is nice and easy almost not even noticeablebut at full throttle, the 1-2 shift delays a bit then kicks like a mule (I mean if you were holding a drink in your hand even with a lid it'd probably spill), 2-3 shift Trouble Shooting a Faulty Shift Solenoid In Your 4L80E Automatic Transmission . Knob adjusts from full pressure hard shifting to low pressure soft shifts. The 1-2 SS valve is a normally-open exhaust valve that is used with the 2-3 SS valve, in order to allow four different shifting combinations. Mine hits the 1-2 shift pretty darn hard. When it did lock it felt like the car shift it kicked in so hard. 7 lb) - 6CDA 96. Could stop and restart and all would be good for 10-15 minutes then it would happen again. can clear the code and will shift gears normally but no lockup and after a 5 to 10 mile drive will shift hard but stll no lockup. 95. Like, the whole truck would Well i'm almost done with the 4l80E trany, redid the valve body to a full manual shift, it uses a vacum module of a 400 for increasing line pressure so i will be instaling a vacum pump set up like 1009, also got a deep pan need to modified a line inside so it sits flush is out of a later 99 or newer 4l80E i belive, will try this for a while and if i do not like it will go back to a normal Whether you need 4L80E wiring diagram information, 4L80E transmission rebuilders tips, 4L80E technical information, 4L80E diagnostics, 4L80E troubleshooting help, or just answers to your 4L80E transmission rebuilders question, the Transmission Rebuilders Network is the place to go! The codes thrown were the tcc, the pressure control solenoid, and 2-3 shift. Harsh 1-2 shift on Chevy Astro Van and Suburban… GotTransmissions. Someone may have to jump in and correct me. ), OR one or both of them can be used as shift solenoids. The 4l80E is just too big to manhandle. 2L 6. My problem is just today when taking off from a light it seems to be stuck in 3rd or 2nd gear. 0l. of torque, giving it a max load capacity of 18,000 pounds. Re: 4L80E Transmission Problems: Jerry: 1-14-07 : I have a 1994 Caprice 9c1 ex police car. 87 Been joyfully driving this thing for a whole two days (about 400 miles) before the 4L60E betrayed me I was stuck in traffic and noticed that the 1-2 shift was a little hard. Let's turn the page and find out more about the specific symptoms a 4L60-E with internal damage You will always get a hard shift from 1--2 shift. when this happens. This will firm up 1-2 light throttle shifts. When it shifts it is firm. It's a turbo LS combo with a 4L80E and some Jake's hard parts and a D3 transbrake. 3 L engine (from 2002 Silverado) with a 4l80e transmission shifting hard from 1st to 2nd gear. Won’t move forward or reverse. The 4L80e use 2 solenoids to controll all the shifting. I also had the transfer case rebuilt because it needed a new shift fork and would slip out of 4WD high at some times. if you stop driving it now, and get it to a transmission shop. When I reset the computer it did not throw 2-3 shift when I got the trans to 190. Posted by Regis on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 The 4L80E is a four speed automatic transmission designed and built by General Motors. 059:1 while the 4L80e have the gear ratio of 2. It functions correctly. so i would go to tps and from 0 to 25% i velop that breaks expensive hard parts. Both solenoids are located on valve body. 48 first gear, 1. The seal could be torn or the pin worn. my project is to put a 4L80E behind a pontiac 455 in a '61 bonneville. There is no leaking coming from the front seals, rear sears or oil pan. Simple push button control allows for manual shifting with multiple integrated mechanical and RPM based safety lock outs to inhibit accidental shifting into Reverse or Park. I supsect the direct clutch, or forward clutch or 2nd clutch, depending what book I look into has busted, or cooked. This firms up the 2-3 shift. Almost scary hard, depending on what rpm you hit it at. It is a 1991 Suburban, 3/4 ton, 4X4 with 244k miles. 4L80e AND Manual AND shift plugs nessesary? was there any slippage or hard shifts while shifting under a load, or did you need to let off the throttle a bit? did Question 4L80e swap/Won't shift but they are delayed and very hard. Original engine, 350ci runs great. These Are 100% New AC Delco / Delphi OEM Factory Dealer GM 4L80E / 4L85E Shift Solenoids. Kit Contains (1) 1-2 A Shift Solenoid (OEM # 24230288) (1) 2-3 B Shift Solenoid (OEM # 24230289) 4L60E 4WD problems with 2-3 shift flare after overhaul? with 2-3 shift flare after overhaul? when shifting from 1 to 2 gears an it seems to shift to hard So I unplugged this front sensor and drove the truck just to see what would happen: Now it's shifting great through 1, 2, and 3 then it SLAMS into overdrive way too hard. 5 with a 4L80E that has started having extremely hard shifts and won't shift into overdrive. 95 K2500 4L80E problem C/K Car Forums The 1-2 shift solenoid can be replaced by dropping the tranny pan. Dreaded P0758 code 2-3 shift Blazer Car Forums . The only way to retrive trouble codes is with a scanner such as Tech 2 , snap-on, otc or equivelent. And finally, we offer our upgraded Extreme Duty Street/Strip series 4L80E that is rated for use at 1,500+ horsepower. By activating and deactivating the solenoids in a predetermined pattern by the PCM, 4 distinct gear ratios can be achieved. The servo and 1-2 piston seal would be the places to start at your mileage. When it shifts from 1st to 2nd its got a really smooth shift and it puts a smile on your face. 4L80E w/ P1870 code Results 1 to 2 of 2 Discuss 4L80E w/ P1870 code in the alt. Core must NOT have any hard part, or case damage, otherwise there will be additional charges for hard part damage. Thank you Monster Transmission. Well by the time I got there I was going the 1-2 shift went from a little annoying to REALLY hard, and the service engine soon light came on. #1 I have a 93 GMC Sierra 6. com online experience. The only tight spot is the rear trans fluid lineI may "massage" the floor in the future to make a little more room but the back of the trans doesn't move much so the 1/2" I have of clearance is probably fine. 4L80E 2nd Gear Starts after rebuild the new bands was so hard it made my work and see if the AFL valve is stuck or the 1-2 shift valve is stuck in the 46390B 4L80E Transmission solenoid kit 04-up 4L80E transmission solenoid kit. 34380E O-Ring, 4L80E Turbine shaft 1 $0. Our stage 1 4L80E is adequate for the majority of street rods with around 500 hp. You control upshift and downshift, and pressure is controlled by vacuum modulator in the kit. Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum I've changed transmission fluid which also helped a bit for about 2 months, then back to the hard shifting. Started last summer pulling the travel trailer. 10 gears. We thought this was a high miles problem, but find that it can happen in really hard hot service at any milage. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I have a shift kit and Corvette 1-2 piston in my 2001 4L60E tranny, and don't have a clunk. See Fig. 4l80e Transmission 1 2 Shift » thank you for visiting our site, this is images about 4l80e transmission 1 2 shift posted by Benson Fannie in Wiring category on May 29, 2019. This transmission comes is capable of handling that 700 hp engine. do not go to 0 on shift times with the early models of the 60e as i would see clutch bind. No check engine light on. The truck eases around great. 46 $0. If the Ford style is used, the 2 inputs not used for shift lever position determination can be used for datalogging voltage signals (temperatures, TPS, MAP, etc. Yes, no computer is needed. WILL FIT 82-UP GM Chevrolet Chevy 4L60E 4L65E Transmission Parts: 4L60E, SHIFT CORRECTION PACKAGE 4L60E 93-UP (SUPERIOR) GM Chevrolet Chevy 4L60E 4L65E Transmission Parts Transpartswarehouse. Slips out of overdrive once warm and converter will not lock up at anytime. The gearing to move such a heavy load is a 2. It seems to hesitate on the shift from 1st to 2nd gear an then slams into 2nd hard. Cause: Slipping shifts, such as drawn out 1-2 or 2-3 hot or cold: Can be the EPC solenoid is defective, the '04 and newer EPC's are very bad, always replace on rebuild, if already replaced or know is good then with gas engines such as 6. Low line pressure—Total Burnup. The 1-2 shift is pretty hard Question 4L80e swap/Won't shift allow 1-4 shifts, but they are delayed and very hard. what i was able to do with mine in hp tuners which i loved was set it to tps position. The accumulator pistons are aluminum parts that wouldn't break at 80k miles. Our Loaded Super Master 4L80E Rebuild Kit comes with not only everything you need to make your transmission stronger, but also includes all the performance upgrades you should do if you're into performance. 00 3rd Then of course the 4L80E has the overdrive 4th gear. 75 overdrive. They were also used in Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Jaguars and Aston Martins as well. Shift Solenoids "A" & "B" Transmission is shifted up or down by 2 electric solenoids. DO NOT use a plastic piston, they break. 00 third, and 0. Hello. Force Sloppy Mechanics Wiki 4l80e sloppy transbrake (3rd gear spool mod) Now, I had alot of help getting this working from LS1 tech members and tons of info from a trans guy, wanted to let you know that first! thank you for the community for helping me out, i wired it in, tested it and ill show you how i did it. I dropped one in my car with no mods to the floor. I have a problem with my 4l80e transmission. Buy 2 at list price and get a 25% discount on both ! Read more “4L80E Transmission” Bionic 80 Performance 4L80E Transmission – Level 2 & 3 $ 3495. Here is the view from the front **NOTE I had to reinforce my cheap workbench to handle the weight of the 4l80E. Do I need to make the RPM between shifts greater so the computer can recognize the shifts? I definitely recommend a look at these transmissions, you've got to have a look. FOR GM 1991 and up. 2: an ATSG 4l80E manual. This is happening on a cold start in cold weather (-3c). It does not include the converter cut and clean, or hard parts. The 4l80 will bolt right up to the 700, BAND 2ND/4TH HIGH ENERGY 4L60E 92-UP BORG WARNER DARK GREEN LINING. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Buy GM 4L80E Transmission 1-2, 3-4 (A) and 2-3 (B) Shift Solenoids 91-up - 2 piece: Hard Parts - Amazon. When rebuilding the transmission, I recommend that you always replace the valve body plate and install a sonnex Valve Kit TCC Regulator W/Sleeve. Ended up changing the 1-2 and 2-3 shift solenoids and that fixed it. 3L, 5. com received a question recently that deserves a post of it’s own. As you can also see, the 4L80E is big and heavy, but it will still fit in most GM musclecars. The gear spread is also identical 2. Do not confuse a slipping transmission with a solenoid problem. Introduced alongside the original 4L60 in the early 90’s the 4L80E was designed for large trucks and is designed as a heavy duty unit, rather than a transmission for smaller cars or even some pickups. You could almost compare them to the shocks in your suspension. The trans has always worked great and has always had a hard 1-2 shift. No matter where we comand the 1-2 it wants to go to 6000-6100 hang there for a split second then shift. They also supplied me with a torque converter for the 6. 00 Select options GM’s 4L80E overdrive automatic is the latest in a continuing legacy of rugged Turbo-Hydramatic transmissions from Chevrolet. Hoping for some advice. 7L). Buy GM 4L80E Transmission 1-2, 3-4 (A) and 2-3 (B) Shift Solenoids 91-up - 2 piece: Hard Parts - Amazon. The TO said to check resistance at the 2 solenoids and we did. 72:1 low Re: How hard to change out torque converter 4L80E-1 ton Chevy Truck C3500 Now knowing if your 1 ton truck is four wheel drive or not, there could be some cross members and/or transfer case to remove just to get to the transmission to remove it. Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA) of 2015 and finally got around to installing it together with my 4L80E transmission in my car. Selecting a Hughes Performance 4L80E transmission for your vehicle opens the doors to all kinds of possibilities. This comes at the expense of a shallower first gear, however, which hurts low end acceleration. 700R4/4L60E’s have a low 3. The car shows that it's shifting from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4th, but it isn't, it just stays in 1st. There’s basically two types of This service includes all new frictions, steels, bands, shift solenoids, rebuild labor, and dyno time. Step 1. 70 $0. The output shaft needed to be shortened about 1/8” to match the 400. Upgrades Available Here $ 150. Connect it to 12V+, 12V- and to the trans 4L60E & 4L80E Manual Shift Control - Page 5 - Pirate4x4. My 1-2 up shift is ridiculous. Transmission Problem 1997 Chevy Truck V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic Shifts Hard To 2nd Gear And Doesnot Shift To I've written a tutorial on how to test the A and B shift solenoids (also known as the 1-2 or 2-3 shift solenoids) that may be of help and you can find it here: Shift Solenoid A And B Tests (GM 4. 7L 6. I love how they destroyed a perfectly good dipstick tube. Because of this it's slightly larger than a 400 turbo. On the 4L60-70 trans that I install the Vette 2-4 servo, less 1-2 shift pressure is needed. We use the 4L85E term from the GM naming convention. I am not totally satisfied with the 4L80E shift characteristics, however. The 4L80E transmission is the advanced progeny of the legendary TurboHydramatic TH400 automatic transmission, and is based heavily on the 400 in both parts and strength, yet featuring an added overdrive gear, a lock-up torque converter and advanced electronic controls. 5" Black Can 2 prong connector on the bottom) Manifold Pressure Switch Input Speed Sensor Output Speed Sensor Internal Wiring Harness Note: If you have an earlier 91-93 or later 04 1: a transmission holding fixture. You get the TH400’s 1-2-3 punch plus 0. I can restart the car and it will work until the next stop. Offering quality OEM, aftermarket, and performance transmission parts, Midwest Transmission Supply is the best online shop for all your General Motors (GM GMC) car and truck part needs. Rough 1-2 shift complaint without removing trans. usually with a speed sensor problem it will go into "safe mode" which is only first gear. The ATF looks and smells normal, and the other shifts, 2-3, 3-OD are fine. 46 34312E O-Ring, 4L80E Pump BOLT 8 $0. 0l 4l80e 103000mile truck does not want to shift right into 2nd gear. BTW, to get the tranny to work in the car I am using a pcm4less wire harness. While I have you on here tho' Jake, is there a way to test this for next time? this time was just a shot in the dark and we got lucky. New OEM AC Delco 4L80E 4L85E 1-2 / 3-4 "A" And 2-3 "B" Shift Solenoids 1991-On 2 Piece Kit. 2. I have a 2000 Chevy K 2500 with the 4l80e (167,000miles). This is easily done when the trans is being rebuilt. So we are replacing the tcc, the pressure control, 2-3 shift, temp sensor, cleaning the valve body and checking the valve for 4th gear which can stick or the hole can even warp. I had a 4L60E in the car and everything worked fine, but when I upgraded to a 4L80E from Hughes performance, I can't get the transmission to shift higher then 1st gear. 4L80E hard shift 1-2, falling out of 2nd ??? Dave here, questions concerning the trans in my 94 K3500 diesel. Upgraded 10/07 to include a triple layer separator plate, for Easy Installation! Assistance Video Installation recommendation: Experienced technician i rebuilt mine myself, with a Compushift controller, 10" FTI converter, and Transgo HD 2 shift kit-other than changing all the bushings, sprags, good clutches, larger front stater bushing and rear anti walk washer, just a basic rebuild and stock hard parts-it was a 2004 unit, so had most of the factory upgrades-im making 569 RWHP, beat on it I have a 93 chevy C2500 3/4 ton it has the 4L80E in it and I have no knowledge what so ever on electric trans all I see on the tranny is it has the wiring harness coming out of the side and a rubber hose hooked to a plastic grommet on the top of the tranny and the shift lever linkage I am driving and the RPMS are 2500 @ 30 MPH which I don't know if its first or second gear it is stuck in PATC GM Performance Transmissions and Parts, 4L80E and others. 2/4WD speedometer scaling and switching between independent 2 shift tables using a digital input, I went to the track last week and noticed that during a pass the transmission would go from 1st to 3rd, then back to 2nd then 3rd again. All other gears shift normal × We use cookies to help our site to work, to help us understand how it is used, and to tailor advertising on this and other sites. If you have General Motors brand Chevrolet Astro Van or Suburban, or a GMC Safari Van with a harsh 1-2 shift, you have company. 2-3 cutloose and burned plates. If you are speakin of getting the tranny to 4L80E 1-2 (A) Shift Solenoid and 3-4 (B) Shift Solenoid Set. Which requires total trans disassembly. The 1-2 shift on a 700 can get really brutal, really quick when you do all the improvements to make it live. com your home for automatic and standard transmission parts. Would a bad VVS allow it to shift from 1-2 but not 2-3? make sure you don't run the transmission to hard and burn it out over a $40 1993 4l60e - Shifts hard on the 1-2 shift, works fine otherwise. Ignition power is supplied to each solenoid by the transmission fuse. The 2-4 band and the servo also come into play for the 1-2 shift. 1 L Avalanche, the Tahoe, and the Hummer. Mines actually a cable with some custom brackets to hold it for the Lokar shifter. It's been sitting since then until today when I finally got tags for it. You peen it down and redrill it smaller, pretty easy actually. 4l80e's are also more expensive to build but can be built to easily handle 1300hp(ask me how) Jasper is getting $2000 for their 4l80e's I have been chasing a hard shifting problem in my 4l80e for awhile now. I'll try to categorize my questions to keep them organized. 48 2nd 1. I have a 01 2500 HD with a 408 and a T-trim at 12 psi. No code setting while 1-2 or 2-3, it only repeatedly did it once settled in and cruising along. M. Solenoid "A" controls hydraulic pressure to 1-2 and 3-4 shift valves. It’s in a 2000 suburban 2500 6. 1-2 was fun but got old after a while . I shot peened the holes and reduced the size to the softer setting . Now I'm thinking paddle shifter, from reading Twist Machine site all I need Includes (3) parts a Steel Replacement Pressure Regulator Boost valve with Bushing and (1) each B1 and B2 Clutch Apply Boost Valve assemblies. i seen a couple others are doing a similar combo, so i'll prob have other Q's coming at you soon. and very hard shift from 1-2 Electronic Push Button Paddle Shifter shifting system provides an accurate, fast, simple, and safe means to control your automatic performance transmission. to recognixe the 2. First, the ratios are closer for 1 and 2 on the 80, and second the 4L80e 1-2 shift is a clutch engagement rather than the band engaging on the 60, or at least that's how I remember it. Fixes: High Mileage or Worn out Boost Assemblies causing lazy or low pressure rise, slip codes and erratic shift complaints. transmission shifts hard - 5. mine was a built tranny and shifted really hard. Surprisingly, this was the only grinding necessary on the case to get it to fit. We work with different manufacturers in the development of stronger parts. 4l80e 1 2 hard shift

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